Vulpes Libris

Vulpes Libris (roughly translated as book fox) is a book collective blog of which I am a member.

In just over two years Vulpes Libris has published 754 posts. We have received thousands of comments – from fellow bloggers, from authors, from readers, from critics, not to mention a disproportionate number of outraged Twilight fans (This does not include the thousands of viagra sales people, the hundreds of men with size issues and plethora of naked women desperate to share their experience with us.) We’ve been linked to by Neil Gaiman, Darren Shan, Anthony Horowitz, The Guardian Blog, CNN, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today… not to mention numerous incredible people in the blog world. And if you Google “Vulpes Libris” you get 25,800 results! (Can you tell we’ve been studying this stuff?)

When we passed the 100,000 visitor mark, last year, we all opened the virtual champagne and had a party. Now, as our stats counter sails towards the half a million mark (432,000 and counting…) we hardly dare to look anymore in case we become too petrified to post.

Vulpes Libris presently has 14 “foxes” based all over the world including writers, librarians, actors – as well as wildlife painters, craft-workers, opera-buffs and dog-lovers.

The atmosphere of VL aims to be intelligent, fun and a bit off-kilter. We take all writing seriously, regardless of genre – which does not mean that we take ourselves that seriously or feel the need to always employ a solemn reviewing style (a “light” read may be analysed in great detail – chick lit in German, anyone? – whilst the deeply serious may find itself discussed by two cartoon bears). We cover everything: from picture books to literary fiction, from debut novels to established classics; from chicklit and thrillers to works of philosophy and political writings – you name it, we write about it.

What unites us is a love of, and interest in, books. We hope you'll come along and join in the discussion.

(The above image is from Aesop's Fables, illustrated by Francis Barlow (1666), and appears courtesy of the Digital and Multimedia Center at the Michigan State University Libraries.)