Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Clore Fellowship: reflections on day 1

It is a beautiful misty cool morning here at Bore Place and I've been reflecting on yesterday's learning. To start with, I have 4 reflections.

1: An interesting reminder. Sue Hoyle (Director of Clore) spoke of leadership from the side, and leadership that makes things happen rather than leadership that places you at the centre. It reminded me of a leadership video that has been inspirational to me. The First Follower is a study in making things happen and is a model of leadership I admire and strive for. http://youtu.be/fW8amMCVAJQ

2: A direction for research. Marcus Davey (Director of The Roundhouse and former Artistic Director of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival) spoke about his key inspirational being how to build a truly civic - ie useful to people and communities - organisation. I'm currently (finally) reading a book called The Gift Relationship, which is a study of ultruism as sec through the blood donation service in the UK and the US. I'm drawn to how the arts can impact, nurture and bring about better societies and think this may well be a direction I seek to explore through further study.

3 - A challenge. For me personally. How do I reconcile the practice of arts creation with the administration side. Can I be a leader without being a creator? Or are there other sides of creation that I need to build info my perception of the leader I want to be?

4 - Action. Sitting listening to Marcus Davey I started to think about expressing my values. Also started to jot down the start of some thoughts on what my core beliefs/values/thoughts are.

So some first day thoughts. And now for some self indulgent pictures of the site here.

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