Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sports Relief - The Norwich Mile

Microsoft Office was not working this morning.

Such inauspicious beginnings do not often give rise to epic narratives. It is probably for the best.

Except that in this case the inconvenience created such a sense of uncertainty in my life that I made a very foolish decision.

I entered the Sport Relief Mile. On Sunday March 21st I'll be running, stumbling, and probably walking, six miles to raise money for charity and challenge myself.

And worst of all, I'll be doing so in an Arsenal shirt.

To donate money to my glorious struggle, just click the link below.

The money I raise will help people around the world. What's more important than that?

Books, time, and sport, in happy union at last.

(This is only the start of my story. I suspect it shall be a comedy.)

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