Friday, 3 April 2009

A Mountain of Reviews

Sometime in November I stopped writing reviews. Life was hectic: I was applying for a new job, then interviewing and getting said job, organising a book festival, leaving Waterstone's and trying to write my own novel. All at the same time.

Now I find myself frantically trying to catch up on these reviews. I could just draw a line under where I am and start again, but one of the things I am proudest of is the record I have of every book I have read in the last three years. I refuse to give up so easily.

So, today and for the next few days I will seek to post as many reviews as possible. They will not be in any order, so will make a mess of the archive, but so what? When I'm done I will be free of the pressure, and ready to resume the task of writing my novel.

I realise you probably don't care. But I can't wait.

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Flat Out said...

start building that mountain! i will look forward to reading them... but won't make the ascent in one go, i fear.