Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bob Dylan - Chronicles

This is a different kind of autobiography, dealt in individual snapshots. The result is intriguing. There are parts - notably where a young Dylan is visiting people’s houses in Greenwich Village and rifling through their bookshelves, reading anything and everything that he can get his hands on – where you can feel the excitement of youth and ideas as they course through his veins. It filled me with inspiration to see Dylan as he searches for, and finds, the poetic lover of ideas that he was to become. There are other parts where we encounter his eighties self on the verge of a renewal, or the teenager leaving home and embarking on an adventure. This is not a linear account, it jumps back and forth like a Greatest Hits album, offering a totally unique insight into the life of one of the few true Twentieth Century icons. A must read for ALL music lovers.

7 out of 10

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