Monday, 29 September 2008

Busy Times: or who knew a Bookseller's life could be so hectic?

So, long time no post. (Not that any sentient people are out there biting their fingers and waiting for an update on my life.)

Work has been a little busy this past couple of weeks. Despite being a small store (we are within the maximum space to trade on Sunday's) I think it is more than likely that we took more money today than any other bookshop in Europe. £50,000 gross before student discounts, £46,000 net! Now i don't really care how much money we take - hell, I don't see any of it - but there is something satisfying about seeing so many people buy books, and knowing that you have done your job better than ever before. We were so busy today, that for more than 5 hours, there were never less than 3 people in the queue for the tills. Sometimes, there were more than 30!

And then, on top of all this ridiculous bookselling craze, we had an event with Cherie Blair! Special Branch checked out the shop and the body guard even found time to give me a bone crushing handshake! Oh yes, it was fun. She was lovely though: it is always nice when an author browses the store, especially when they are that high profile and being whisked away to a gala dinner!

Busy day. Time for a bath. I want to finish Jane Eyre now.

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